Dress casual is a term that many businesses have decided to use as their standard for their dress code. In our way of thinking, dress casual should always include a jacket. The tie could be optional, but dress casual should always incorporate a blazer or a sport coat in its mix.

Following that line of thought, we offer many options in men’s blazers and sports coats that fit well in this dress casual box. Our selections include jackets from Samuelsohn, and Jack Victor in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges.

For dress slacks that work well with these blazers and sports coats, we carry Samuelsohn, Jack Victor, and Manzoni in a variety of fabrics and weights, depending on the season.

To top off our dress casual attire, we offer a large selection of dress shirts from Stenstroms, David Donahue, Hagen, and our own custom designed shirts. Great for that occasion when only a tie will do, and for all other occasions, we have sports shirts with soft collars or hidden button downs to dress up any event.